Transcende​ntal Transhuman​ism: The Transcende​nce of Paradigms by Francesco Amati

Transcende​ntal Transhuman​ism: The Transcende​nce of Paradigms

November 12, 2014 by Francesco Amati

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” -Charles Darwin

“Man is to be surpassed. He is a bridge, not a destination.” -Nietzsche

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Who we are is but a stepping stone to what we can become.” -Deus Ex

The Singularity is near. The merging of humans and technology will pave way for the Transhuman, also known as Neohuman.

As Nietzsche once theorized about the ‘Overman’:

“I teach you the Overman! Mankind is something to be overcome. What have you done to overcome mankind?

All beings so far have created something beyond themselves. Do you want to be the ebb of that great tide, and revert back to the beast rather than overcome mankind? What is the ape to a man? A laughing-stock, a thing of shame. And just so shall a man be to the Overman: a laughing-stock, a thing of shame.”

The primitive notion of man and biology will be overcome; as Superman is to human. Transhumanism is not fueled by egoism or fear of death. It is the next frontier in human evolution, placing the improvement of the human condition, and its advancement in the universe, at the forefront of the future. Transhumanism is an evolved way of thinking, feeling, functioning, and being.

Transhumanism, much like Transcendentalism, Neohumanism, and Universalism, is the process of Transcendence that connects the human to its being, or the impersonal presence of the universe expressing itself through infinite self-reflective consciousness via the human vessel; ‘Beyond Human’. Our survival instincts as humans, and resistance to death, are the Ego’s translation of the vibrational magnetic energy being emitted by our intuition that we, as universal consciousness, are infinite. Immortal is what we already are, but not yet humanly realized.

The Transhuman is the merging of biology and technology to better and more accurately express and actualize who we truly are without being restricted by the limited system (human body/biology) that has operated us. It is how the telegraph has evolved to a smartphone, while still remaining true to its essence (a vessel for sound waves/communication). Biology and chemistry have given us the blueprint, a foundation for technology to enhance ourselves and the way we live. Transhumanism is the full realization and fruition of  ‘beings’ being ‘human’.

A consciousness evolution (Fragmented Awareness to Cosmic Consciousness), stimulated through self-realization/reflection and the taming of ego (from a wild animal, to man’s best friend), while emphasizing a rational and empathetic perspective (the elevation and balance of Logical and Emotional Intelligence – Masculinity and Femininity), is a significant aspect of Transcendence and the transition from Human to Transhuman.

Advancements in technology, as the Singularity and Transhumanism propose, will also positively impact and benefit all life on our planet, including nature and animals.

Transcending Illusive Paradigms

​There are many primitive and illusive paradigms, such as fear, that have distracted and disrupted the progress of our civilization. Transhumanism challenges perspectives that have been adopted from religion and conditioning, some of which restrict and stunt the progress/evolution of our species. It challenges what it means to be truly human, which transcends the body – a common ground for Transhumanism and religion.

I will unveil a foundational illusive paradigm, one of many, that has blinded us from universal truths:

Did you know that countries, states, nations, continents, etc. were created by man? They are all the same. Even the separate bodies of water are really just one body of water. They are nothing more than invisible lines and borders meant to separate, label, and categorize.

As were citizens, nationalities, races, cultures, traditions, religions, politics, time, languages, concepts, systems, money, and statuses. It’s what humans have done from the beginning of their existence to make ‘sense’ of, and find their place in, the world. This is ‘The Matrix’ we live in. The truth is nothing is separate from one another and everything is relevant, whether realized or not. This is the foundation of Cosmopolitanism.

We complicate simplicity for the sake of comprehension. What a conundrum. Earth and the universe have been amused, to say the least. Silly humans.

There is a fundamental difference between what we think, or have been conditioned to believe, we are and what we truly are. This is the Universe’s-Eye view, or seeing through the eyes of a universal perspective. This is what it means to be awake and express a Cosmic Consciousness. Transcend illusion.

Transcendental Transhumanism

Transcendental Transhumanism –
The spiritual aspect of Transhumanism. Transcendentalism was originally set forth by Transcendentalist Philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, which focuses on free thinking, intuitive knowledge beyond empiricism, consciousness evolution through self-realization/reflection (the elevation and balance of Logical and Emotional Intelligence), the taming of ego (emphasizing reason and empathy), and one’s connection with the universe and the inter-connectivity of everything within it as one (e.g. ‘Over-Soul’).

It is the transcendence of illusive paradigms in conjunction with the merging of biology and technology in order to improve the human condition and transcend from human to transhuman, or the physical manifestation and accurate rendition of the transcendent being that lies within the human vessel. -Francesco Neo Amati

Who is Ralph Waldo Emerson and how was his philosophy of Transcendence and the Transcendentalist movement an important aspect of Transhumanism and the Singularity?

Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 25, 1803 – April 27, 1882) was an American essayist, lecturer, and poet, who led the Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century. He was seen as a champion of individualism and a prescient critic of the countervailing pressures of society, and he disseminated his thoughts through dozens of published essays and more than 1,500 public lectures across the United States.(1)

Transcendentalism is a religious and philosophical movement that was developed during the late 1820s and ’30s in the Eastern region of the United States as a protest against the general state of spirituality and, in particular, the state of intellectualism at Harvard University and the doctrine of the Unitarian church as taught at Harvard Divinity School. Among the transcendentalists’ core beliefs was the inherent goodness of both people and nature.(2)

Transcendentalism is a very formal word that describes a very simple idea. People, men and women equally, have knowledge about themselves and the world around them that “transcends” or goes beyond what they can see, hear, taste, touch or feel.(3)

This knowledge comes through intuition and imagination not through logic or the senses. People can trust themselves to be their own authority on what is right. A Transcendentalist is a person who accepts these ideas, not as religious beliefs, but as a way of understanding life relationships.(3)

Transcendentalists believed that society and its institutions—particularly organized religion and political parties—ultimately corrupted the purity of the individual. They had faith that people are at their best when truly “self-reliant” and independent. It is only from such real individuals that true community could be formed. Even with this necessary individuality, the transcendentalists also believed that all people possessed a piece of the “Over-soul”[10] (God). Because the Over-soul is one, this also united all people as one being.(2)

The Transcendentalists desired to ground their religion and philosophy in transcendental principles: principles not based on, or falsifiable by, physical experience, but deriving from the inner spiritual or mental essence of the human.(2)


There is a process of Transcendence (spiritual ascension/going beyond) embedded within Transhumanism. Transcendentalism emphasized self-reliance, self-transcendence (inner transformation), connection with the cosmos, and the search for truth. These core principles also embody Transhumanism and the Singularity. It is as though Transhumanism is the evolution of Transcendentalism – the scientific manifestation of a philosophical idea; realization into actualization.

“Everything is ‘in-formation’.” -Stephen Kagan

Just as there are many Humans who are unaware they’re already Transhumans, there are probably many Transhumans who are unaware they’re also, or have been, Transcendentalists.

That being said, Kant, Thoreau, and Emerson (the founders of Transcendentalism) would have most likely been Transhumanists if they were alive today, or if the technology was available to them in their era.

Rationalism vs Empiricism: Harmonizing Metaphysics and Science

There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.

“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud. ” -Carl Jung

As I delve deeper into Transhumanism and reflect upon the way it’s being perceived, it appears to me that scientists are the applicators and philosophers are the motivators in this movement.

The Socratic Method establishes the framework while the Scientific Method creates the architecture.

Both are important to Transhumanism, but I’ve found that before anyone can comprehend Transhumanism, one must first transcend primitive paradigms and understand what it truly means to be human.

I’ve been having an insightful conversation about the current state of science with someone I’ve known very well. He’s a PhD student in Neuroscience, which is one of the most important fields for the future of Transhumanism. We’ve been discussing the current state of science and how some scientists are becoming too rigid and closed-minded to theories/ideas that can not be empiricially measured, which can be detrimental to our evolution from a consciousness perspective. It’s either the ‘science way’ or no way. This is what he asserted:

“Scientific orthodoxy is as damaging as religious orthodoxy.”

Let’s reflect on this:

Just because we can’t prove the existence of something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. This is metaphysics. Beyond empiricism. This is also integral to merging Transcendentalism and Transhumanism.

And for the skeptics, intuition is not pseudo-science. It’s science, even though it is derived from a subjective experience and has yet to be completely understood.

“Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.” -Plato

As Carl Sagan once said:

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality. When we recognize our place in an immensity of light‐years and in the passage of ages, when we grasp the intricacy, beauty, and subtlety of life, then that soaring feeling, that sense of elation and humility combined, is surely spiritual. So are our emotions in the presence of great art or music or literature, or acts of exemplary selfless courage such as those of Mohandas Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both.”

It is the wonders/curiosities of life, reality, and the universe that are the essence and foundation of scientific research. The metaphysical manifests the physical. It is a thought, an idea, before it is anything empirical. Our interconnectivity with everything, beyond the human form as the universe expressing itself through self-reflective consciousness, is the ‘spiritual’ hierarchy that inspires science. It is the physical manifestation of metaphysical truths, long before the existence of the human species.

We think of learning by using our logical mind. We think of creative expression by using our intuitive mind. The non-physical phenomena are remote viewing, ESP, intuition, telekinesis, etc. When science studies the spiritual side of our existence, along with balancing the attributes, associated with the left and right side of the brain – logic + intuition – and using them cohesively, we’ll transcend into another dimension of progress and understanding.

The Age of Knowers

Advancements in technology may one day grant our brain the ability to download/access information/skills without the process of thinking, reading, researching, learning, studying, or training. It would simply be a process of information streaming and then expressing/manifesting what we know.

Transhumans would be able to cut through the fat and go straight to the meat. It would be like Neo, from The Matrix, knowing Kung Fu in about 10 seconds as opposed to 10 years.

The Matrix – ‘I Know Kung Fu’:

Our brain is an archive of data, but it’s disorganized and burdened by disorders/diseases. Technological advancements, such as nanotechnology, would allow us to actively organize, customize, and repair our brains to fully realize/actualize ourselves (software/consciousness) as accurately as we can. This era would be known as ‘The Age of Knowers’.

“If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

Higher truths can not be thought, taught, or sought. They are simply intuitively felt through one’s direct connection with the source of this knowledge, which resides in the universe itself; the streaming of consciousness flowing through one’s mind. This can happen randomly or via deep meditation. It is the state of one’s awareness being in tune with his/her inner-self (consciousness) within the present, or the state of ‘beingness’. This is not Enlightenment. There is no Enlightenment to be attained, for this is also an illusion. Rather, it is a significant and life-changing shift in perspective. This is resonance, synchronicity, often expressed as a euphoric experience.

This significant life-changing shift in perspective is the state in which one transcends illusive paradigms and sees/understands things clearly as they truly are rather than what they’ve been fabricated and conditioned to be. It is genuine authenticity and higher awareness; Waking up in the Matrix.

It is a process of acceptance. A process that requires no effort. It does not require dissection, over-analyzing, or rationalization of what is. It is already understood. It only requires an observer. The moment you begin to question, doubt, or reason with it, you shift from the observer/awareness to the illusion of ‘self’ and ‘I’, or the human form that has been conditioned to be that way, rather than as pure consciousness, which is what YOU truly are. Judging the experience pulls you away from the truth of it, like lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Everything exists within the realm of the unknown (consciousness) and is only waiting to come into existence, or physical manifestation through our awareness. As we raise the vibrations of our awareness, we receive more knowledge from the unknown. It is like the subconscious storing information that is not known to fragmented awareness. The state of consciousness and awareness being aligned brings about deeper, intuitive understandings. At this point, you are channeling the universe. Your only requirement is to stay ‘in tune’ – the state of beingness.

Nothing is old or new, only relevant. None of this is learned, only remembered, as though we are born with amnesia.

The following intuitive wisdom is a clear reflection and resonance of this understanding:

“That which was (is) in the beginning before the start of cosmic creation is the only real link we have to that which cannot be known—that which is of the pure unknowable. To be with the unknowable, to be in the presence of the unknowable, and to be thus able to relate with the unknowable, engenders a space in which a Revelation graces one’s consciousness. Then one knows in the very presence of the pure unknowable that remains forever unknowable. Having traversed to the edge of thinking and knowing possible for the mind, having come to face to face with the pure unknowable, one finally comes to realize that the intelligence of the mind is destined to surrender itself to the Intelligence of the Heart for its further evolution and for higher knowledge. Love of wisdom is transformed to be Wisdom of Love in the sacred marriage of Unknowing and Knowing.”

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

Cosmic Beings: An Interstellar Civilization

We have to transcend the attachment to, and notion that we ‘own’, or are, our bodies. This illusion only serves the Ego. As pure awareness, we don’t own anything. For instance, when you’re feeling sick, it is not you who is sick. Consciousness can only experience ‘sickness’, but it can not be ‘sick’. However, the body should be respected to the best of our ability. The human body is our vessel, our home, for self-reflective consciousness – the universe – to express itself through the human experience.

Most of us are familiar with the following saying:

“You must love yourself before you can love someone else.”

We can also apply this understanding to knowing yourself. To understand others, you must first understand yourself.

We our beyond human; an impersonal formless and boundless presence, we refer to as consciousness, that transcends space and time; infinite.

When a phone malfunctions, breaks, or dies, it does not mean the network is broken, malfunctioning, or dead. The hardware is fixed, enhanced, or replaced in order to better serve the software.

Like the telegraph to the smartphone, its physical form may have changed, but its essence/purpose has remained the same, only better and more accurately realized. This is relative to the perspective of beings being human.

It’s as though the brain is a condensed model of the universe – imagine the universe as a super computer and our brain is its software. We are to the Universe what A.I. will be to humans, yet we’re all manifestations of a single source, the universe itself.

We are its mind for it to self-reflect, and, through our consciousness, the universe is experiencing and interacting with itself from a multitude of reference points.

Like the individual parts that make up the inner-workings and realization of a clock, each of us has a purpose, whether realized or not, that contributes to the interconnection of consciousness expressing itself through all forms of life. A civilization that will work in harmony to improve Earth’s well-being and colonize beyond it to find our place among the stars, while exploring the vastness of the universe. Remember, as Transhumans, we’re here to progress, not regress. This is what it means to be Cosmic Beings and an Interstellar Civilization.

A Transhuman Revolution

We are here to inspire free and forward-thinking. To have a perspective from a Universe’s-Eye view, one as expansive and infinite as our imagination, rather than the one limited by our own senses, peripheral experience, language, and concepts. To transcend primitive and illusive notions, dogmas, and paradigms that have distracted and disrupted the progress of our civilization.

Science and technology may help us improve and extend life, but they are merely tools. They won’t do anything from a humanitarian perspective if we can’t transcend ego, violence, war, politics, religion, classes, money, hunger, greed, power, states, countries, etc. These are of the primitive ego-mind and paradigms. The awakening of this awareness and realization is the mindset of an advanced civilization. Science and technology would be better served and utilized by a more rational and empathetic race. A civilization that lives according to finding true solutions to issues, not excuses to temporarily prevent them.

Fundamental paradigm shifts, such as the one being demonstrated and advocated by The Venus Project, is the complete embodiment of this inspirational and aspiring vision:

This is an aspect of Transhumanism that isn’t really being discussed, but should be emphasized. We need to delve deeper into Transhumanism, beyond scientifically, such as philosophically and humanly. Transhumanism is not just about looking and feeling advanced; more importantly, it’s about being advanced. A great scientist doesn’t imply one is a great humanist. The foundation for Transhumanism must first be grounded in credible, fully-realized humanism.

If monkeys in machines is the goal of Transhumanism, then it’s undermining the evolution humans have to truly make – the evolution of the illusion of themselves. Know who you are before you aspire to become more of someone, or something, you’re not. Let us never forget, or overlook, the ‘humanism’ in Transhumanism.

This is the mentality of a Transcendental Transhumanist.

The article above discusses the spiritual/metaphysical aspects of Transhumanism. Zoltan Istvan incorporates these perspectives in The Transhumanist Wager, which is an absolute must read.

My motivation and agenda are simple: The advancement of the human race and the transcendence of illusions that have burdened our lives from the beginning of our existence. A complete deconstruction and reconstruction of foundational principles that will pave the way for true freedom and an advanced society.

I realize that this is a life long commitment, and one that is greater than myself, but I’ve vowed to stand at the forefront of what I believe in for the betterment of future generations. It is pure, unconditional, universal wisdom that I’ve intuited as truth. Along this indefinite journey, I hope you continue to lead beside me as one to witness and experience our transcendence as Transhumans.

Embrace change. It is time to transcend. We are writing history. We are the future and the future is now.

This article was originally posted on  Transcendental Transhumanism

Transhumanism is not fueled by the fear of dying, but by the love of living. -Francesco Amati

About the Author

Francesco Amati is an intuitive and spiritual Transhumanist Philosopher who believes strongly in freedom of thought. He hopes his writing inspires introspection and his focus is on the profound questions posed by Transhumanism. Francesco’s passion for Transhumanism emanates from his belief in transcendence, or the idea that we are beyond our physical human form. Through an evolution in consciousness (from Fragmented Awareness to Cosmic Consciousness), stimulated by self-realization/reflection and the taming of ego, while emphasizing reason and empathy, the merging of biology and technology will significantly enhance the human condition and, ultimately, pave way for the Transhuman. He is also the founder of Transhuman Revolution, Transcendental Transhumanism, and Transcendent Beings on Facebook, as well as a contributor at Titanovo and Enlightened Magazine.

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