The 3 Laws of Transhumanism ?

Re: The 3 Laws of Transhumanism by Zoltan Istvan

Interesting article from Zoltan Istvan .

The threat of AI is very real and we agree with Elon Musk that this could be the greatest threat against humanity.

However our position is that we need to genetically engineer and enhance (via technology like brain implants) ourselves to create a species with far higher intelligence and the correct temperament to create and more importantly understand the AI it has created. We are neither capable of fully understanding AI and so have zero chance of controlling it.

Furthermore we propose that this enhanced and evolved version of us would merge with that AI and become one with it and with each other….in other words the creation of Superintelligence and humanity evolving itself to become one life form as opposed to many competing egos and agendas.

In this sense we take great exception with Zoltan labeling his 3 laws as the laws of Transhumanism. This is the part of his otherwise great philosophical novel – The Transhumanist Wager – that we had the greatest problem with and which unfortunately lies at the core of the book.

In essence the 3 laws promoted by Zoltan are based on a libertarian / Ayn Rand-esque view of the world. In no foreseeable manner can we imagine these laws ever working in real life. Not only that – it gives ammunition to critics of Transhumanists that we are all full of hubris and have god-complexes.

To suggest that the primary law is that a Transhumanist must safeguard his/her own life above all else and all values and to strive for omnipotence above others is a recipe for disaster and chaos. After all – how many omnipotent beings can there be in the world ? By definition there can only be one truly omnipotent being in the universe. We are not talking about God. We are talking about a simple logical conclusion. You cannot have more than one truly omnipotent being. They will all fight each other and destroy each other if there was more than one.

It is a recipe for a civilization of self-obsessed selfish and egotistical maniacs and it is a vision we – as Transhumanists – would vigorously oppose. This is precisely the sort of thinking that has been a bane of humanity and in a new world built by Transhumanists this sort of thinking should have no part in it.

We instead promote the view of unity rather than individuality. The role of selfless altruism and cooperation. In time we advocate we take unity to the ultimate level and merge as one hive mind as a species and become a single life form. Only then – as a species – can we hope to strive for partial omnipotence.

We love Zoltan and his works but as Transhumanists we would say promoting these so-called 3 laws is actually a step backwards and should not be promoted as representing what Transhumanists believe. It only will result in greater opposition and rightly so. We ourselves would be the first to oppose such a vision.

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