Main Points

Human suffering, global inequities and injustices,

wars, violence, slavery (sex and otherwise),

child abuse etc. have been plaguing

humanity since we first evolved from our

earlier hominid ancestors.

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Over 10,000 years (and likely far longer)  we have

tried all sorts of religions & political systems and

forms of government.  We have tried numerous

educational and cultural means of reform.

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All of them have failed us. Without exception.

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Religion in particular has been the most

spectacular fraud and failure of them all.

It has been the cause of human suffering

more than any other human created

“systems” of control.

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The reason they have all failed us is because the foundational

building block of all such systems is the unitary human

being.  It is us.  Humans.

We ARE the problem.

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Till we accept that we are the problem and work

to change us at our core – including genetic &

psychological makeup and temperaments

– we will continue to FAIL regardless of

what grandiose ideas we come up with.

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Humanity is a product of millions of years of evolution.

Humanity is still quite obviously (just look at

our flaws) a work-in-progress

evolutionary wise.

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Question is – what comes after us ?

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Do we want to leave this to natural selection and chance

or do we want to actively and deliberately use

our knowledge of Radical Science to

evolve ourselves ?

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Modern humans arose 150,000 – 200,000 years ago.

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Our genes have not changed in 50,000 years.

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The world of 50,000 years ago is vastly different from the

modern world.

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Negative character traits like greed, selfishness, aggressiveness,

violence, narcissism, sociapathy etc.

were selected for by natural selection because it

helped us to survive in a world of constant crisis

and danger – daily –  to our lives.

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These traits are also – in the modern world –

precisely the foundational causes of

human suffering, injustice and the

inability of humanity to come together to solve

our common problems like global warming,

wars, extremes in wealth inequality etc.

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Technological Innovation has been growing

at an exponential rate since the dawn of

civilization.  More progress is happening in 5 years

than happened in over 100 years  and

this pace will continue to pick up.

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At current rates of progress it is expected

that within 20-30 years machine

Artificial General Intelligence (AI) will surpass

collective human intelligence.  This is called the


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A true AI will be able to recursively improve

itself rapidly and exponentially and despite all the safeguards

we put in place – it will quickly be in a position

to dispense with humanity.

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By 2045 (when such an AI could reach the point of

the “Singularity” mentioned earlier) we could become

extinct unless something

is done NOW.

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Humanity does not yet have the right level

of collective intelligence and wisdom to be able

to coordinate our efforts and place appropriate safeguards

in place against a rogue Singularity.

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We are in no position to be able to

even comprehend what such an Intelligence would

be capable of or think like.

It is like saying an ant can understand or control

a human being.

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Without human unity and proper safeguards in place

rogue human hackers, terrorists and scientists will be able

to unleash mass extinction on all of humanity.

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A human being – with our propensity for violence,

our propensity for self-delusion, selfishness & hubris

will by definition create an AI not too far removed

from us in traits –  despite our best of intentions.

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Transhumanists are pushing for radical life-extension,

Mars colonization and the creation of AI.

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There are a lot of powerful technological advances

happening that like AI – in the wrong hands – in

human hands – will be certain to be misused and altered

for malicious purposes by criminal groups

and terrorist organizations.

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Transhumanist groups are underestimating these


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These threats are REAL.  This is NOT Science Fiction.

We are racing against the clock.  We have 10-30 years to

surmount these challenges. If we don’t do something – humanity

could very well become extinct in a few decades

and it will be completely a self-inflicted


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What we need is a new world order. A world order –

a planetary unitary civilization – based on justice,

equity, scientific rationality and

infused with spiritual and ethical

values appropriate for our age.

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We need this to be able to coordinate efforts

on the development of such technology

and ensure we have the appropriate safeguards.

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We also need humans who are

far more intelligent and wise.  We need humans that

don’t have most of our negative character traits including

hubris / selfishness / aggressiveness / violence etc.

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But how do we get to such a world ?

Have we not been trying for 10,000 years or more ?

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It is obvious motivation is not the problem.

Most of us can be educated to understand the dangers.

Most of humanity does indeed yearn for unity,

peace, equity and justice and wants a

world free of human suffering.

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The problem is not our desires but our

genes.  Our genetic makeup is not

suited for such a world.  It arose via

natural selection to help us survive in a world

of saber-toothed tigers.

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Unless we face this fact we will

get nowhere but in circles – back to square one.

Everything we do has been tried before except for…

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We have never seriously accepted the need to

change our genetic makeup…our bodies …our

character traits at their genetic roots.

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More accurately we have not seriously

pursued this path with a passionate and determined


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Project Prometheus proposes that we

launch a Manhattan-like project to

create – via deliberate genetic engineering –

the next evolutionary leap in humanity…the first

in 150,000- 200,000 years.

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Once we have created the first upgrade each

generation will continue to recursively

and exponentially improve upon itself.

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Once an adequate level of advancement is reached

and a planetary unified civilization comes into

being – and only then – should we toy with creating

an AI and bringing about the Singularity.

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At that level of advancement – the newly evolved and enhanced

humanity can then merge with the AI and create


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As Trans (from transitional) or Post- Humans we will be

in a position to pursue intrasolar, then intragalactic space

travel and colonization and spread our wings

throughout the Galaxy and in time

throughout the rest of the Cosmos.

More importantly we will be

deserving and fit for such

an honor.

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