Hacking the Human Condition by Joseph Truluck

Humans are always looking to improve themselves. We are looking for the Holy Grail to end all suffering and misfortunes that we have created for ourselves. All throughout history there are stories of men searching for the fountain of youth, going on pilgrimages to holy places in the hope of immortality and looking into spiritual principles to improve the human condition.


What is it about ourselves that we are not satisfied with? Are we not unique enough already? Doesn’t our intelligence already make us stand out from the rest of nature? I believe these things are not to be found, but to be realized through awareness of how unique and special we are. We can actually hack the human condition through our intelligence, by way of Transhuman improvement.

Perpetual progress is the commitment to seek knowledge, wisdom, effectiveness, and an open-ended lifespan. The knowledge that we are seeking is one that we don’t know. We are constantly questioning the knowledge that we already have; creating new theories and hypothetical questions. This knowledge has perplexed humans since we became aware of our awareness. Staying on this path will create new avenues of knowledge heightening our intelligence. We will gain wisdom through our seeking for new knowledge.

Humans will run into many hurdles and “AH-HA” moments that will teach us new lessons on how to better improve our condition. Only if we stay aware and not let our pride of self get in the way. Getting out of our own way will help us be humble at these times when we are wrong. That is wisdom.


Effectiveness will happen with the knowledge and wisdom of our intelligence. Humans will become more effective at problem solving, critical thinking, mental awareness, and physical improvement. Open-ended life span is the result of all of this. Who wouldn’t want to have a prolonged life span? I can’t understand who wouldn’t want to live long enough to see humans use Transhumanism to do away with the suffering and misfortunes that we have created for ourselves.


The things that will happen when we have hacked the human condition is the removal of political limits. How will we be able to govern humans that have lived 100-200 years? We will have need of a new way of doing things in our society. The old laws that have governed us for so long have been based on humans living for only 60-70 years. I believe that this will be a chance to change our political systems for the better; weeding out the corrupt and greedy. Cultural limits will be removed; who knows how our culture will change in the future of transhumanism?

I believe that we will venture out into new perspectives and ideas of how we live life and what is better and worse for us. There will be no more biological and psychological limits. We are now coming up with new ways to help our physical selves in prosthetics, organ transplants, making the deaf hear again through implants in the brain. We will be able to understand our psychology better through integration of technology. Technology will look how we think and feel giving us more logical and rational ways to help improve decision making, emotional intelligence. It will create a whole new way of learning.


When I think about hacking into the human condition, I see the Transhumanist. My imagination starts to roam, making me like a child again. I can think of many possibilities to add to this paper, but what fun will that be if I explain them all? For instance; what will happen when we have merged our mind with the internet? Will this be our ascension into the next dimension? Think about that. Isn’t the unknown the places of adventure and wonder?

Technology is the natural extension of human flourishing. I believe that the technology will help us hack our condition where we have failed so many times. You can see it everywhere in our society today. We will have to take many things into consideration though. We will have the need of moral consideration and not let the idea of how fantastic these ideas are and not lose our natural morality of what being a human means.

What will happen to us when the Singularity happens? Will we be ready? It will happen suddenly, and that is what a singularity is. You won’t know what happens in a black hole until you have crossed the event horizon. Will humans be ready for the coming hacking of our human condition, maybe I can put it in better terms of enlightenment; “HACKING OUR DESTINY”.

Joseph Truluck (Metaphysical Philosopher) hplus


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