• Goals are to :
  •                        •   lay the Intellectual and Visionary groundwork for the creation of a new Global Civilization based on Transhumanist    principles.
  •                        •   serve as a practical networking platform for active Transhumanists.  We aim to move beyond theory and just ideas and into concrete plans of action.
  •                        •   serve a role for a new Transhuman Civilization (and in time an actual Transhumanist Nation) similar to that served by the Founding Fathers of the United States.
  •                         •  to advocate for an active program of Human Genetic Engineering to speed up the evolutionary upgrade of humanity and eliminate many of the worst flaws in our species.
  • We are attempting to deal with a modern world and its intellectual, spiritual and moral demands with a physical body that has not changed in 50,000-100,000 years and was designed to help us cope with day-to-day survival in the age of saber-toothed tigers and mammoths.
  • It is time to create a new Enhanced Species – an upgrade from Humanity to something far superior .
  • This can be pushed on several tracks concurrently  : 1) Enhancement of ourselves with Transhumanist technologies  and 2) Genetic Modification Programs to permanently change the Genetic make up of our species.
  • Imagine humans that are more intelligent, cooperative , peaceful, faster, stronger, capable of living for centuries and almost impervious to disease.
  • Imagine humans that will never know addiction, aggression, depression and other mental health defects.
  • Such a species would be capable of unity and untold accomplishments.
  • Such a species would be fit to expand into the cosmos and spread its wings.
  • Such a species would be nothing less than divine… gods like the Greek legends who lived on Mount Olympus.
  • We have that ability to create such a wonder.
  • We can create utopia and heaven on earth.
  • At Project Prometheus we want to discuss these developments and move beyond – to advocate, lobby for and coordinate efforts to actively bring this Vision to Reality and eventually create a Civilization based on these ideals.
  • We need to start somewhere and step-by-step and steadily move this Project along through our combined coordinated efforts on various fronts :  scientific, economic, political, social, spiritual, cultural and philosophical.
  • These technologies are here or coming. The time to discuss and have an influence on developments is NOW.

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