Creating an Evolved Humanity for a Better World

Project Prometheus

Project Prometheus’ Long-term multi-decade Objective is to actively work to bring about a unified World Transhuman Civilization & Order based on Scientific Rationality and infused with Spiritualty, Values and Ethics appropriate for our evolutionary stage.

We want a world free of

  • Wars & violence
  • Poverty & extremes in wealth inequality
  • Disease (physical and mental)
  • Death
  • Borders – where all humans are citizens of our planetary civilization – a Star Trek world

Prometheus Tracks of Enquiry

  • Synthesize all available knowledge on self-actualization and  create a structured, coherent & fixed 9 month (40 weeks)  program of radical personal transformation – psychology, gene therapy, pharmaceuticals, mind hacking, prosthetics, brain implants, fitness , nutrition etc.   Turn “you” into “super you”
  • Systematic Program of human genetic modification to bring about newly evolved Designer Human Babies into the world.
  • System of Ethics, Morals and Spiritual values
  • Creation of new cultural markers (symbolism, fashion, memes etc.)
  • Governance structure, political theory, institutions needed

“Death is merley a disease finally ready to be overcome”

Prometheus Plan

10  Phases to Accomplish our Objectives  (there is overlap and continuity between phases past Phase 2) :

  • Phase 1 (Nov ’14 – Sep ’15)  : THEORETICAL & IDEOLOGICAL FOUNDATION (ideas, concepts, goals, values / ethics)
  • Phase 2 (Fall ’15) : PHYSICAL FOUNDATION (funding, facilities, staff)
  • Phase 3 (2016 +) : NETWORKING AND RECRUITMENT (scientists, academics, venture capitalists, politicians, authors, entertainment industry etc.)
  • Phase 4 (begins 2017 +) : STRATEGICALLY AND CENTRALLY COORDINATED  RESEARCH (a Transhumanist DARPA)
  • Phase 5 (1st version begins 2018 +) : IMPLEMENT 9 MONTH (40 WEEK) SELF-TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM among membership. Set a living example for the world of the wonders of personal Transformation program and Transhuman technology. Recruitment bonanza. Support for wider aims.
  • Phase 6 (1st version begins 2019 +) : IMPLEMENT HUMAN GENETIC MODIFICATION PROGRAM and bring Designer Enhanced Babies into the world. Exponentially continue to evolve both ourselves and new generations of Transhuman-born babies. Public will flock to ensure “their baby” has all the advantages of the new Transhuman technology so as not to be left-behind in the world. Market forces and human nature will virally propagate the Transhuman evolution and revolution.
  • Phase 7 (2025 +)  : CREATE A COMMUNITY OF TRANSHUMANISTS in a chosen geographic region. Precursor to eventual Nationhood. Set a living vision and example for the world of what an ideal Transhuman society will look like. Now we are ready for the coming Singularity. Full blown implementation of Transhumanist technologies like life extension, etc.
  • Phase 9  (2050 +) : SPACE COLONIZATION
  • Phase 10 (2100 +) : POSTHUMAN AGE BEGINS




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