At Project Prometheus we do not hold an atheistic mindset.

Far from it.

Instead of teaching that there is no God – we in fact teach that All is God – including us !

This “god” came into existence at the moment of the Big Bang and this “god” has been evolving and perfecting itself.  We, as humans, are its highest manifestation currently – a stepping-stone to the next highest manifestation of this Divine .

We teach that something did not come from nothing – that there is a First Cause “Deistic” Prime Mover that brought the Big Bang into existence but that this Deistic Divine Being is not a personal God that you can communicate with or that talks to you.  This Deistic Divinity…this Prime Cause…. through an act of meditation on its own divinity brings forth an infinity of universes into being – ours being just one of them.  This universe is in fact a “dream” or “meditative state” of this Deistic Prime Cause Divinity.   It is no different than when we create worlds in our own minds when we personally dream.  We are all in fact characters in this massive dream just like we create characters in our own dream worlds.

We teach that in addition to our personal consciousness, there is as Carl Jung taught, a Universal Collective Unconsciousness as well – a collective Mind to humanity and at an even higher level a Collective Mind to the Universe – the “created” god that was created at the inception of the Big Bang by the Deistic Prime Mover.

We teach that the source of inspiration of most religions (think Moses, the Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and Muhammad) was in fact this collective mind that these spiritual masters tapped into.  They were in effect Avatars (a Hindu word meaning manifestation, incarnation of deity).   It is also the source of inspiration to our greatest poets, artists, musicians, inventors and scientists.

The Universal Mind has the best of all of us incorporated within it but it is not greater than the best of us.  This Universal Mind evolves itself as civilization and knowledge evolves and progresses.  This is why the above religions seemingly have tapped into some eternal truths that resonate with all of us to our very cores – making them very hard to let go – but at the same time troubling us by not being perfect or incorporating unscientific teachings.

This theory of the Evolving Collective Mind best explains this dilemma of why religions have elements of truth but not all truth and have many undeniable scientific absurdities that were clearly a reflection of a mind born in the times of the founders of those religions.    While the Universal Mind is far greater than each of us individually – it and its understanding of itself – is quite fallible and its advancement is progressive just like civilization and humanity is progressive.  It came into being at the inception of the Big Bang and this “god” will cease to exist and melt its consciousness back into the consciousness of the Prime Cause Deistic Divinity mentioned above as having been the true God who creates the infinity of universes.

We teach we are like the individual laptops and workstations attempting to tap into a central server.  With the right connection and the right training we can all learn to be connected to this Universal Mind and by extension to each other – to form a Hive Mind.

We teach that our brains are in fact not the source and location of our minds.  Brains are merely akin to Quantum Computers that allow us to tap into our minds, which are non-corporeal, and emanations of that Universal Mind.  Another metaphor is that of a radio.  Our brains allow us to tune into the right “frequency” of radio transmissions.  The radio is not the source of the radio transmission – it is merely a receiver.  In a similar manner our minds lie elsewhere in a different dimension and mental plane (as opposed to the material plane).

When we have brain damage the reason our mental faculties are affected is similar to what happens to the reception we get on our radios if the wiring in the radio becomes faulty or there are condensates short-circuiting it.   The radio transmissions are still happening fine from the central transmitter of the radio stations.  The fault lies in the receiver.

We also teach that our Genetic Code does not by itself code directly our natures and shapes.  If the human genome project has shown anything it is the inadequacy of the current paradigm in biology that the Genetic code is what dictates morphology and nature.

Instead we teach that the Genetic code merely serves to call up, to dial up if you will, certain preprogrammed and existing “code” in an invisible field which some have called a Morphic Field.

This is not such a far off concept to understand.

The experiments in the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland have recently proven the existence of Higgs bosons and an invisible field throughout the cosmos called a Higgs Field.  The concept of the Higgs Field and Boson has been part of the so-called Standard Model of Physics that has aimed to explain our universe.  The Higgs bosons and Higgs field are what give rise to mass in material objects.  Mass itself is an illusion.  The degree by which various subatomic particles interact with Higgs bosons is what makes some of them have a large mass and some have little mass even though both may have the same volume.

If a physicist in the 19th century were to propose such a Higgs field he would have been laughed and shamed into retirement.

Now we know this field is a proven theory and in 2013 has earned Peter Higgs and Francois Englert a Nobel Prize in Physics for having predicted their existence in the 1960′s.

We believe in many other invisible fields and forces like gravity, magnetism and the weak and strong nuclear forces.

We believe in them because we can test them and feel them and their existence is the simplest theory to explain a wide spectrum of physical phenomena.  No one has “seen” these forces.  Their existence is inferred indirectly.

Is it now really that far fetched to understand that there is in fact also an invisible information field – call it a morphic field – call it a spiritual field – call it anything you like – that helps explain why things look the way they do, why animal and human morphology follows certain predicted pathways out of many and why certain habits and instincts seem to be in-born in animals – things that the paucity of genes cannot explain?

As we elucidate on this paradigm we believe a case will be made by us and many who came before us (no we are not the first to talk about these theories) that this new biological and physical paradigm will explain the intricacies of life and phenomena whose explanations have eluded us till now because our scientists are like a herd of sheep going down the wrong rabbit hole.

One such wrong rabbit hole is the classical teaching in biology that genes and the proteins they express can explain the morphology, character and behavior of life forms.   Yes – genes are important but the understanding of the way they work is what the Yazdan Institute seeks to correct.

A further corollary of the new paradigm is that it gives rise to a new dynamic and seemingly magical science of personal transformation.  It gives rise to a new path to take advantage of this field to change our bodies, our minds, our spirits and our lives.

Without laying the above foundational theoretical basis for this new field of personal transformation we cannot go ahead and utilize the powers it unleashes.

Without understanding the theoretical basis of Quantum Physics and the nature of the atom you cannot hope to create a Nuclear Bomb.

By understanding and believing in the new paradigm the Yazdan Institute is teaching, we aim nothing less than to create a personal individual nuclear weapon in the form of your new selves!  It is that magical and powerful!

Think of it this way:  when you play a video game, by pressing certain keys on your game controller you set in motion certain pre-programmed sequences of action depending on the context of the game.   The pressing of a certain key does not directly on its own code for anything.  It instead brings up other pre-existing code subroutines.

Reality is therefore by extension one giant computer Virtual Reality – a holographic Programmed World.   By understanding the language of how to call up certain subroutines we can implement change in morphology, character, habits and our personal lives.

This is a secret hermetic teaching actually with a new modern twist.

Hermetic teaching says that all is in fact energy and energy that vibrates at different frequencies and by operating at the right frequency we can create magic and call forces into our life to benefit or harm us.

This has been the foundation of all magical societies from ancient Egypt, Babylon and Persia.

Instead what we say is that the Universal Mind – akin to a central server – has an almost infinity of these programmed and programmable code subroutines which we can call up at will .

So for example a certain sequence of genetic code would call up the central subroutine to create an elephant.  The individual base pairs in the genetic code don’t actually explain how an elephant comes about in perfection.  It is impossible and this mystery is still not explained by biology.

The genes and the proteins they express interact and call upon this invisible Informational Morphic Field just like the interactions of subatomic particles with Higgs Bosons in an invisible Higgs Field gives rise to mass in atomic particles.

This has massive implications for the Genetic manipulation of our own DNA to create the Yazdan species.

Not only do these codes exist for morphology but also for behavioral instincts and habits.

This too has massive implications for our own personal life transformations.

We teach for example that with the right mental training and operating our brains at the right frequency and mode , we can tap into this central server – this central collective and universal mind and in a quick and drastic manner call up a different behavioral subroutine while deleting our existing malfunctioning bad habitual subroutines.

Going back to the analogy of a video game – imagine being able to hack into the game and changing your Avatar (with its existing poorly performing traits and habits) to that of say a successful Avatar of our choosing.  Instead of choosing a weak Avatar of your habitual self going into battle you choose the Avatar of Superman.

Again – this is a field of transformation that is crucial to the teachings of the Yazdan Institute and beyond the scope of this introductory article.

The variety in the world therefore comes from the novel mixing of pre-existing subroutine program codes from these Informational Morphic fields.    Carl Jung called these “archetypes”.

This Universal Mind – this “god” therefore manifests itself in our various lives by being born as us so that it may experience manifold lives and life lessons and so evolve itself spiritually.

Spirit cannot evolve by itself.

Spirit needs to manifest itself into matter so that it can evolve.   Think of the analogy of muscles.  Muscles can only grow by doing workouts where they are forced to work against opposing forces and gravity.  In space where there is no gravity and little opposing force muscles atrophy.

This is why this “Spirit” – this Universal Mind – has the need to manifest itself in matter.  It needs matter and matter in turn makes it evolve and spirit in turn bi-directionally evolves matter.  Spirit and Matter are symbiotic and 2 sides of the same coin. This is what Quantum Physics teaches – that all matter and energy are in fact 2 sides of the same coin.  Matter is energy.

While we have explained why this Universal Mind even needed a material world to be born into (so that it can evolve) we have not yet explained why misery and death and seemingly bad things exist.

Studying the Universe we see that it is a Universe of poles – of duality.   We see gender and poles / duality in everything.  This is in fact at the core of the most ancient Hermetic teachings.

We see positive protons and negative electrons (in fact if you get deep into particle physics you will truly appreciate the extent of this duality in terms of how every particle has its exact opposite at the subatomic level).   In magnetism we see the North Pole and the South Pole.  In genders we have the male and female.  We have the left hand and the right hand…hot and cold…light and dark.  There is matter and anti-matter…energy and dark energy in the cosmos.  We have good and evil in the moral universe as well.  Symbolically religions have heaven and hell, angels and demons.

A wise person must ask him/herself – what is the reason our universe is built with this fundamental duality at its most smallest to its largest scales?  Surely it is telling you a lot about the mind behind it and its nature.

When you see that everything is dual the natural conclusion must therefore be that everything is dual because without duality the world will not exist.  Things are after all the way they are for a very good reason.

Electricity exists because of the pull of electrons through a conducting wire due to the difference in charge between the 2 ends of the circuit.   Without electrical duality there can be no electricity.

Without duality there can be no movement. There can be no existence.  There can be no life.

Without duality – existence would become – in our universe at least with its laws- quite unstable.  Life exists and reality exists precisely because of the interplay between the dual poles.

Conversely light only makes sense when juxtaposed against darkness.   If all you saw was bright light and there was no contextual shadow or darkness within it – how would you differentiate shapes and depth?   Someone seeing all light would be as blind as someone seeing all pure darkness.   Think about that. It is the mix and interplay of the two that gives meaningful images.

Goodness and evil are similarly in need of each other.  This is why religions created the concepts of heaven and hell, angels and demons.   If no so-called bad things happened in the world – what would “good” mean exactly?

So-called “bad” things therefore serve a purpose.  “Bad” is relative.  “Good” is relative.   What may seem “bad” on a short-term myopic viewpoint perspective may in fact be “good” on a grand scale.

Consider the birth and rise of Genghis Khan. Was he “bad”?

Well in the classical, short-term, myopic sense…. yes he was really “bad”.  He conquered half the known world through ruthless military strategy utilizing terror in the extreme.  His armies raped and pillaged their way on the way to conquering most of the world.   No one has been able to repeat his empire since.

He killed plenty of pious and “righteous and good” people.  Their prayers were denied and seemingly fell on deaf ears.  Their fasting and good deeds were of no avail.

Were was “God” then to hear them?

How come “God” helped a heathen barbarian like Genghis Khan but not the pious Muslims and Christians ?

If you zoom out into history and look into the future you will see that Genghis Khan in fact created an empire where people felt safe finally to travel across the expanse of Asia from Europe to China.  It was because of him that trade along the infamous Silk Road flourished.   Marco Polo travelled from Europe to China to visit the grandson of Genghis Khan – Kublai Khan because of the empire that Genghis Khan created.   This in turn gave rise to a new spread of ideas from East to West and played its role in the renaissance that followed.

So yes – Genghis Khan killed millions but his legacy could be argued to be the very foundation of modern society and it could be argued the renaissance may not have happened if Islamic societies were not brought low and their mantle handed off to the Europeans who were awakened and had a chance to rise from their Dark Ages. Islamic societies were brought low because instead of innovating and inventing and researching like they did early on in their rise they were wasting their time debating useless religious dogma and philosophical points.   All that came to an end thanks to Genghis Khan.

This useless waste of religious energy is what had caused the fall of the Roman empire when Christianity took over and diverted the energy of its people to the Church and its waste of energy (mental, physical and spiritual) into religious studies, fanaticism and persecution of so-called heretics….precisely the same trap that the Islamic world had fallen under when Genghis Khan arose.

So in the grand scheme of things Genghis was more important to the objective of the evolving Universal Mind and Cosmos.  This is why he was brought into existence by the Universe and helped by the Universal Spirit – helped by “god”.

Meanwhile the Sufis and Dervishes and fundamentalist Islamic scholars of Afghanistan and Persia were slaughtered wholesale because they were mired in useless prayers and religious study – endeavors that did not do anything to aid the progress of civilization and thus went counter to the Prime Directive of the Universal Spirit.

Think of the example of a fast flowing river.  If you, your plans, your career goals, your desires and prayers are in line with the direction of the flow of the river you will seemingly find miraculous help.  Things will go easy for you and you will seemingly flow effortlessly in life and an invisible hand will be behind you.

If however conversely your plans, career goals, desires and prayers go against the flow of the river you will ultimately be drowned, washed up and thrown like a useless log out of the river of existence.

Here we come to one of the most core teachings of the Yazdan Institute :  the Universe which is one organism and one mind and one spirit has one main Prime Directive and purpose and that is the evolution of itself to perfection and its own awakening.    It therefore brings into existence men and women and life forms that will help it in its evolution and growth.  Anyone and anything that stands against this Prime Directive and mission will be and must be destroyed.   It is a universal law that has always been there and will always be there.

If humanity stands in the Universal Spirit’s way and cannot or will not will to evolve itself the Universal Spirit will bring into existence men and women who will advance its aim and it will aid them with miracles and success.

Those who are its founders and those who are members of the movement have founded the Yazdan Institute with exactly such a manifest destiny.  We believe we are swimming in the direction of the river of existence.  We believe our mission and existence is no accident but is the will and creation and inspiration of the Universal Spirit.

We want to emphasize – we all have a destiny and a purpose.  None of us are here in a meaningless existence.

If you are miserable and nothing you do seems to be working then you are swimming in an opposite direction to the river.  You are futilely trying to swim against the will of the universe.  It is as simple as that.

The Time has come for you to wake up. Don’t wait till you are old and dying before you realize your life was a futile mistake in its aim.  Stop wasting energy trying to just barely survive.   We at the Yazdan Institute want you to thrive and become glorious and be all you can be and were meant to be and to understand your role in the Grand Scheme of the Universe.

Yes – you are that important!  You came here with purpose.  The Universe needs you and wants you.  Why struggle against what you were meant to be and meant to become?

Why settle for a miserable slave existence when you are meant to be gods?

It is for each of us individually to come to this conclusion and understand what our individual roles and responsibilities and destinies are.

How can you found out?   This will be part of the teaching the Yazdan Institute will propagate and we will take the right candidates under our wings and work on them to actualize their maximum potentials.

This is then the answer to the perpetual question of why bad things happen in the world if there is a God.

Bad things are a necessary part of existence.  Bad and good are relative concepts. What looks “bad” has a purpose too.  Everything is here for a reason and everything happens for a reason and with wisdom behind it.

What is imperfect and seemingly “bad” gives rise to an opposing force to work against and to overcome. This is how things evolve.  This is why things evolve.

Evolution and the relentless drive for perfection  lie at the core of the fundamental laws of the cosmos.  The Universe was born with an insatiable “desire” and “imperative” of being pulled in a unique and fixed direction….a direction towards life and the Universe’s  own Awakening.

Thus we see that all physical laws of the universe and the physical constants that underlie the physical laws are seemingly perfectly “designed” to lead to life.   They are perfectly designed to make humanity’s evolution inevitable and a foregone conclusion at the dawn of the Big Bang itself.

Atheists and Agnostics who claim the Universe is a random, purposeless and aimless Universe without meaning could not be more wrong.

Death and destruction are necessary for evolution to happen.

Think about it…. if a genetically flawed primate ancestor of ours was not found at a disadvantage and become extinct (destroyed, died) then how would we have even evolved?

This is the wisdom of why in nature we see so much death and destruction and extinctions.  It may seem a waste and may seem meaningless or purposeless but in fact it is a necessary part of nature so that evolution can occur.

Death and Destruction then paradoxically become the cornerstone and most important pillar of life and its evolution.  Death equals life and life equals death.  Both are 2 sides of the same coin.

These explanations now make sense of what we see in reality around us and explains why the world is the way it is.

Similarly do not complain if bad things happen in your life.  Use those opposing forces to strengthen yourself.  They are a blessing in disguise.  Use these magnificent opportunities to elevate yourself and make yourself ever more powerful.  You should thank the Universe every day for the obstacles that it throws your way.  This is how you grow.

The Universal Spirit itself created the world of matter and manifested itself into the world of matter because it too needs the world of matter to work itself against and grow itself spiritually.

If the Universal Spirit has gone out of its way to create this world of matter then why are we shying away from it?  Our spirits are an emanation and extension of that Universal Spirit and our bodies a tiny part of its body.  We should use the world of matter and the hardships and obstacles of life to rise above them and become Lords of Existence.

Do not whine and cry and feel pity for yourself.  Feel joy.  Conquer matter.

Why are there children born with deformities?   Why are species brought into existence and seemingly go extinct just as easily? Why are there diseases in the world?  Why would a merciful God create such a horrendous Universe?

The answer is that the true creator of the cosmos cares about the evolution of the cosmos.   It cares for its overall progress.  We each individually exist only to serve our particular part in that grand drama.

We are each individually akin to single cells in our own bodies.

What do we mean by that?

Think of it this way – does your body not consist of various tissues and organs?  Aren’t these tissues and organs each in turn composed of various types of specialized cells?   Aren’t these cells in turn composed of various organelles, macromolecules and molecules?  Aren’t these molecules in turn composed of atoms and aren’t atoms composed of subatomic particles?

Above us – aren’t we also part of a family, our family part of a race, our race part of a nation / village / city and that is in turn part of a civilization which is a part of humanity as a whole?  Is humanity not part of primates, mammals, and animals and on to general life on earth?  Is the earth not part of a solar system, which is a small part of the Milky Way galaxy?  Is not our galaxy part of its own cluster of galaxies?  Is that cluster not part of a super-cluster of galaxies? Is our Universe in turn most likely not part of an infinity of clusters of Universes and so on ad infinitum?

What is clear in this pattern is that existence is fractal in nature and in organization.

Atoms have their own rudimentary form of consciousness and are a world onto themselves.  An atom would not realize it is a part of something far larger.

Consider this – the distance between a proton and its outer electrons (doing away with the complexities of quantum mechanics which say that electrons are really in a probability cloud around a proton in discrete quanta) is similar to the size of a pea to a football stadium.

Yes – reality is basically mostly empty space !

Now can such a proton in the middle of such an atom – that pea in the middle of that football field – imagine in its wildest imaginations that it is part of something far bigger than itself in one continuous whole called our own bodies?  At most it may see the electron zipping along in a haze like superman around the periphery of the football stadium…. not too dissimilar than us seeing maybe to the end of our solar system.

Zooming out now – can that atom imagine itself part of a large organelle in a cell?  Maybe it could see itself part of a molecule and see beyond that to see a number of such molecules joined together into a macromolecule like DNA.

Can that DNA molecule in turn know and understand that it is part of not just the nucleus and maybe a cell (possibly the extent of its awareness, vision and understanding of itself and its environment) but also part of a tissue called liver tissue where vast numbers of cells work together towards a common function of doing all the wonderful metabolic functions that make our livers so crucial to our survival?

Does that slice of liver tissue in turn understand that with all its wonderful complexity and miraculous existence – it in fact is not an individual – but is in reality part of a larger organ called the liver which in turn works together with all our other organs to form our wonderful bodies and create a human being capable of wonderful achievements?

Do you know that despite your age your body is at most 7-10 years old at any point in time with a lot of it being even younger? That’s because all our cells are in a constant state of death and renewal.  Your body today is not your body of even 5 minutes ago!

Do we take into consideration that millions of our individual cells are dying every single day and “suffering” seemingly and billions of molecules and untold atoms are in a constant state of flux?

Do we realize that all the atoms in our bodies were in fact derived from the nucleus of exploding stars in distant times past?   That we are in fact made of star dust?  That we are connected to the cosmos to our very core from one end to the other?

No we don’t ever delve that deeply into such things.  We care little for the fate of individual cells in our bodies.  The cells have a “purpose” and a “destiny” and a “job” to do!  They come into being and disintegrate and die and their atoms get reused and recycled.

Now we come to the question of who we are and what is our role and our connection with the cosmos.

We want you to now zoom out from your myopic view of yourself as being the all mighty important person that you think you are and consider and ponder – are you in fact no different than that single cell in your body and that you are in fact part of something far higher and more magnificent?

Can you now understand deep down that you have a “purpose”, a “destiny” and a “job” to do like the cells in your own body?

At the very core of what the Yazdan Institute teaches is that the cosmos – the whole of it – is in fact one body – one organism and one spirit.  We teach that we are a part of that whole organism – that our spirit is an emanation of that spirit…. that we are all interconnected with each other…. that we are each other.  You are us and we are you.   The illusion of separation is just that – a pure illusion.

In future elaborations on this teaching we will expand on this concept and explain in detail why this illusion was necessary – after all if there is anything that we have said repeatedly it is that everything in the cosmos exists and is a certain way for a reason.  We just need the wisdom to understand that reason and we are now well on our way to doing just that.

Do we ever say that we are 7 or 10 years old when “we” are legally say 70 years old?  No we don’t because we view our bodies from a continuous viewpoint.  As long as it seemingly seems like our consciousness is continuous and our body whole and we are alive – we view ourselves through the eye of our own egos as being distinct individuals who were born when our birth certificates said we were born and will die one day.

In a similar manner the universe is one living organism with many moving parts and its cells (us and other life forms and stars and galaxies) are being born inside it and dying all the time.  The universe views itself as one whole being that came into existence at the time of the big bang and at some point in the distant future it will die – similar to us.

And similar to us when we don’t put too much weight into the fate of individual cells in our own bodies but view the health, wholeness and progressive growth of our bodies a sign of success in life , so too the Universe cares and is focused on the whole totality of itself.

If you understand this core concept of the Cosmos being a single living organism concerned , nay even “obsessed”,  about its continuos growth and evolution then you will be able to understand why most things happen in the world the way they do and answer the perennial paradoxes that have befuddled religious theologians and  philosophers over the ages – about why bad things happen to good people and good things come to seemingly bad people and why so-called evil exists in the world if there is a merciful God.

Religions have never satisfactorily explained this dilemma of a Just and Loving God in what seems like a manifestly unjust and unloving world.  So they mumble their way through explanations and provide pathetically poor excuses for such a God and of course they never succeed convincingly  because the atheists are quite correct in their criticism of the belief in such a Loving God.

Traditional religions cannot explain why if there is a merciful God then how come he takes delight in throwing his “children” in hell – especially when all religions can’t be true and they all claim the others are going to hell.  If there is a merciful God then why are there children born with deformities and in many cases sentenced to a life of pain while another child is born into luxury?

Atheists go to the other extreme though and throw the baby out with the bath water and do not even countenance that maybe there is another explanation out of this dilemma.  Their “something-out-of-nothing” explanations of the rise of the big bang and all matter are patently illogical and counterintuitive .  The fact that they don’t believe in a personal God has blinded them to the existence of true spirituality and a domain of spirit and non-corporeal mind.   They try to explain every phenomena through a reductionistic approach in their scientific theories which can never and has never adequately explained a whole slew of unexplained phenomena.  The reductionistic approach to scientific theories and research has helped us understand a lot but it has its limitations also.  You simply cannot explain the functioning of a human mind through a strictly reductionistic approach of attempting to explain everything via the working of material atoms and molecules in neurons.

The new field of research of Quantum Computing and new theories on how the brain functions as a Quantum Computer give rise to new possibilities for research.  A Quantum Computer model of the human brain can explain through such known Quantum Mechanical phenomena as Quantum Entanglement  a lot of unexplained phenomena like psychic awareness , clairvoyance and other paranormal phenomena.

The discoveries of Quantum Mechanics and the weird phenomena it points to has opened our minds to new possibilities in explaining the world of spirit and energy and matter through a new lens.  Undoubtedly  there are even greater and more advanced scientific paradigms yet to be discovered.

We aim to thus breach and build a bridge across this vast chasm and divide between the religious creationists and the atheists.

This cosmic life form – this god – this collective mind and universal consciousness was born at the big bang and has been evolving bodily (matter – subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, planets / stars,  single celled life, multicellular life, animal, hominids, Neanderthals , homo sapiens) and spiritually (rudimentary mineral consciousness then vegetable and animal consciousness then primitive human religions such as shamanism and on to polytheism and monotheism).

As the fertilized egg turns into the zygote and then the embryo and as the embryo evolves into the foetus so in a similar manner the Universe has been on this path to evolutionary perfection since the Big Bang.

The Universe has indeed a purpose and an evolutionary path laid out for it…it was built into its very own DNA when the Deistic Prime Cause Divinity behind the Big Bang created it. This evolutionary emergence has been a foundation stone lying at the very fabric of its most fundamental laws.

As matter turned to simple life to more and more complex life forms to primates and primitive hominids and to modern humans so indeed is humanity itself a stepping-stone to something far greater than it.

As we came and displaced Neanderthals so now must we be displaced.

If we are not we are doomed to destroy ourselves and doomed also to destroy all life on this planet.

The evolutionary imperative of the Cosmos however will always bring forth new and more advanced life forms to keep the quest for its own perfection on course.

The universe is thus the placenta and life itself is like the development of a baby inside it.

Just as the embryo gives way and creates or becomes the foetus so analogously we will give way, create or become Yazdans.

Eventually as the Yazdans expand into the Cosmos and colonize space at some point in the distant future the whole of the Universe will be life.

The Universe will then be fully alive and awakened.  The universe will have served its purpose and fulfilled its destiny.  It’s life will be compete in this material plane of this universe.

Then the baby shall be “born” and in turn it will create a new Universe just like our own Universe came from a previous one.

This cycle and process is repeated for eternity.

The explanation of an eternal life in heaven also makes no sense.  If indeed there is no concept of Time in the afterlife then by definition there can be no movement and no action since any action or movement involves the passing of time.  Even a thought involves a passage of time between thoughts.  So unless we are going to be in a vegetative state in heaven with no mobility and no thoughts and no feelings then Time does not really stand still in the Afterlife.   And if Time does not stand still but things just last forever then what is the difference between that and trying to create an immortal life here on earth?

If the answer lies that in heaven there are never any problems and never any pain then the question becomes – will someone in heaven really appreciate that ?  It goes back to our example of looking at a bright light and nothing but bright light – with no shadows and no imperfections.   Are you in fact seeing?  No – you are as blind as the one in total darkness.  If you in fact live in heaven and never experience pain or trauma or hurt then is that really living?  Would you appreciate that?  Or would it become after a while an extreme torture on its own with you begging to be released from the “jail” of heaven?

Can you even contemplate an eternity of basically “nothing” happening and you just existing ?  Does love without the possibility of loss of that love or the pain that goes with it have any appeal ?  We are not designed to appreciate that which we always have and can never lose.  For love to have any meaning it must exist in an environment where it is compared to something and where it can be lost.  Otherwise it gets taken for granted and loses its appeal.  This is human psychology 101 !

We all talk about an eternal loving heaven but seriously think about what eternity means.  Sounds like a nightmare scenario to us.  First 1,000 years might be peachy.  But an eternity ?   Seriously think on that.   And we are not talking about an eternity where you don’t feel the passage of Time.  As we explained above if you don’t have passage of Time then by definition you are not really consciously alive but are in some kind of afterlife vegetative coma state.  If that is the case then what is the point of being alive ?

Afterlife as envisaged by religions now sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock nightmare movie basically in this light.

We instead teach that when we die, our collective life memories get uploaded into this giant collective mind and we cease to exist but our memories live on in this central server to use the computer analogy.

This is what we see happen in near death experiences. Those who have had these experiences typically describe it as walking towards a tunnel of light and seeing their lives in fast forward motion.   While there are many variations on this experience this has been typical of most.  Interestingly men and women from all kinds of backgrounds all report seeing the same tunnel of light. Christians see it, Muslims see it, Hindus see it, Buddhists see it, Atheists see it, murderers see it and saints see it. It does not seem to be too discriminatory ! Goes against the whole concept of most religions that everyone else other than their own tiny minority within a minority (the “true hard core chosen or saved or born again fundamentalist believers”) are going to hell! Very few people ever report seeing a terrifying afterlife or “hell” ! It seems to be a peaceful loving light to everyone.

What is happening is that their “life” memories are being “uploaded” to the central database.   In Hinduism this central database is called the Akashic Records. Their “light” is attempted to be fused to the central “light” of the Universal Consciousness. The tunnel of light symbolic of this connection – this attempt at merging the two lights to form just one light.

So those who see dreams of the departed, or psychics who claim to be able to talk to the dead or those who think they have had previous lives are in fact accessing these centrally stored memories and confusing them with actual souls of the departed or themselves in their past lives.  They are in fact merely accessing the memories of those past lives.

Once “uploaded” we lose our individual consciousness and melt into the collective.  Think of Ice melting into the Ocean.  We continue to live on in the “collective mind” as stores of memory (which is what the soul is in essence).

If you ever watch a log of wood burning in a camp fire you will notice tiny sparks fly out and away from the main flame and for a fleeting moment will suspend in mid air and “seem” separate but it will fall back into the flame and merge with it yet again and be recycled.

The other metaphor is that of vapor that rises from the ocean – becomes separated from it and forms clouds then rain drops and falls back into the ocean to merge with the ocean and become indistinguishable from it again.

Why has the Universal Spirit chosen to incarnate itself in such a manner – in our billions and billions of individual human lives?

The answer is that this is the most efficient way for it to experience the maximum variation of life lessons and experiences in an almost infinite permutation of life possibilities.   It lives through us and then when we die our spiritual growth and life memories and lessons are “uploaded” to its central server / spirit and it gets added to the cumulative total life lessons and spiritual growth lessons it has learned.

As such and in this manner the Universal Spirit accomplishes its main aim of Spiritual perfection and growth by creating the world of matter and incarnating itself within it and the most efficient and fastest method it could do this was to incarnate into billions of short-lived lives simultaneously and experience the near infinity of permutations of life interactions and lessons.

However just like a student in Grade 6 at some point learns all he can learn in that grade and through a simple cheap calculator and laptop, from time to time, in order  to further its Prime Directive aim for evolution, perfection and growth, the Universal Spirit creates a newer more advanced life form so it can manifest itself into a more complicated and advanced being and thus experience much more advanced and complicated life lessons and experience greater complexity of existence.  It will create a new Grade 7 with its more advanced laptop and calculator!

This is what the Yazdan Institute is thus teaching and aiming to do.

Humanity in its current form has reached its zenith and there is little more that the Universal Spirit can achieve and learn through us.

Therefore in order to enter into Grade 7, the Universal Spirit has now willed to create Yazdans – a superior species to humanity but also derived from humanity just like Homo sapiens were superior to and were derived from an earlier evolutionary ancestor.

This purpose is why the Yazdan Institute and movement exists!

Just like a new Grade has a new more powerful laptop, it also has new textbooks.

In early high school we remember being taught the classical model of physics of an electron orbiting an atom like the moon circles the earth.  Then in our first year University introductory level course in Physics our professor tells us to basically ditch that model as being no longer tenable and overly simplistic and introduced us into the strange, weird and fantastic world of quantum mechanics – a world and theory that could not have even been imagined before.

In a similar manner as humans graduate and are bound to be eclipsed by the Yazdans…a new teaching, new textbooks and models of the world will be expounded upon.   Time for new wonders to be revealed!

At the Institute we therefore hold that Spirituality is central to a future humanity – a future Yazdan Species.

However what we teach is what has been taught by all mystical teachers throughout the ages – the axiomatic Truth that in fact the whole of the Universe is but a manifestation of one Mind and is in fact one living organism – growing and evolving.  We teach that we are part and parcel of that Divinity…. that we ourselves are God – singly and collectively.

We teach that we are in fact Masters, Lords and Creators of this Universe – of ourselves and of our own lives and what we make of them.

As this site develops and grows more will be elaborated on this teaching.

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