• Creating an
    Evolved Humanity
    for a Better World


Project Prometheus was founded as  a Transhumanist Think Tank / Activist Group dedicated to bringing about our own individual and also general human evolutionary and revolutionary transformation through Radical Science.

You will find more info on what we do and our group’s activities in the pages on this site.  We especially encourage you to visit the About Us page and the FAQ page to answer some basic questions and read some of the articles in our Blog

Find out why at Project Prometheus we feel the ultimate metasolution to solving humanity’s problems is to work at the foundational building block – ourselves.

We are proposing a Manhattan-like megaproject to permanently alter the genetic makeup of humanity and eliminate most or all of our flaws thus ushering in a Golden Age of Planetary Global Civilization – peace, security and the end of poverty and human suffering !




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"You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while" Eckhart Tolle